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WordPress is one of the most popular WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) platforms on the internet. It allows a user to design their own website from pre-created templates and update it on demand with article / blog based infrastructure. Since it's release in 2003 on the early internet, it's grown like wildfire. There's millions of websites out there that employ WordPress. That might seem like a lot, but it barely scratches the surface in comparison to the amount of active sites on the internet. So why isn’t everyone using it? As tempting as it may be to take charge of your own site and use WordPress, it may not suit everyone's needs.

In this blog we'll list a few reasons why WordPress might not be the solution for your business' online needs, and what we can do instead. And, at the end, we'll also give a few scenarios where WordPress would actually be a great choice. Thanks for reading!

It's designed for blogs

Most, if not all, of WordPress’ templates and features are couriered to one specific thing: blog pages. It is estimated that WordPress powers over 75 million blogs on the internet. That also constitutes a vast, vast majority of their client base. The features of a WordPress site are specifically built to provide readers with a simple and friendly interface, not for a dynamic company website meant to convert visitors into customers.

It wouldn’t be impossible, but it is difficult and inconvenient to convert WordPress templates and features to be used in a more meaningful way for your business.

Stack design and complicated technical build

When building and putting up a site, there are a lot of technical factors to consider. WordPress is a hosting site. It provides the tools to create and manage the look and behavior of a website through directions it stores in code. The language it uses to execute these directions is PHP. PHP needs to be translated into HTML in order for it to load on a visitor’s phone or computer. This process slows down the load time of the webpages significantly, especially during peak usage.

WordPress themselves even confirm that “Although WordPress is fast, it does contain a substantial quantity of code that needs to be loaded each time a page is displayed. This may or may not affect performance depending on the hosting environment, but on a shared hosting [sic] environment using SuPhp (and thus without op code caching) it can add several seconds to each page load.” A few seconds may not seem like a long time, but not only could it increase by a lot longer during peak hours, it could also cost you. Walmart found that for every 1 second of improvement in page loading times, they made millions of dollars in extra revenue. Google also pushes slow loading sites down in results, which could severely effect your SEO.

WordPress sites are targets for hackers

WordPress is extremely popular and it attracts a lot of attention. This, paired up with the fact that many parts of it are open-source and publicly available for examination, it is a target for malicious individuals and hackers to try to find bugs to exploit web pages. Going back to our first reason, to convert WordPress into a site not meant for blogging, you may have to use plug-ins, which are available through the WordPress marketplace, but can be made and uploaded by anyone. Some of these may have malicious software packaged inside that can negatively affect your site if added. Many popular hacking and web sabotage methods were first tested and used on WordPress sites because of the ease.

In-fact, the leak of the infamous ‘Panama Papers’, documents incriminating certain high profile individuals in illegal financial activities, was due in part to an un-patched WordPress plugin that didn’t securely send emails.

So when should I use WordPress?

Like we mentioned, WordPress is still use by millions of sites. So, it is not all bad. If you are an amateur blogger that does not use the site for much more than uploading your own blogs, with little dynamic site features, and no search engine optimization / website visitor optimization, WordPress is for you. And theoretically, it is possible to create a proper, fast, engaging, and (mostly) secure site with WordPress, and you will find many companies charging you for a service like this, but it is worth noting: What they can get done in WordPress for x amount, you can find many other custom web development agencies, like Oriplex, could get three times the amount and quality done.

Thanks for reading our blog. We also recently uploaded a Best Web Hosting for 2022 blog post if you’re looking to host your own site on the internet. If you don’t have one yet, let us make one for you!

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